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Book review | The Decline and Rise of Democracy: A Global History From Antiquity To Today

David Stavasage, The Decline and Rise of Democracy: a Global History From Antiquity to Today Princeton University Press: Princeton and Oxford, 2020), 424 pp., ISBN: 978-0691228976 Democracy and its unknowns A short story by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges tells of an...

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03 September 2021
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‘Monitory democracy: Politics needs lots of imagination to resist the new populism’, interview with Eugenio Giannetta, Linkiesta (Italy)

Monitory democracyLa politica ha bisogno di molta immaginazione per resistere al populismo degli ultimi anni Eugenio Giannetta John Keane, docente dell’Università di Sidney e consigliere per le Nazioni Unite ci spiega perché i partiti tradizionali devono cambiare approccio ed essere più creativi per...

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02 May 2021
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On Humility, an interview with Alessandro Zaccuri, Avvenire (Rome), 16 March 2021

The interview was originally published on Avvenire (Rome). Intervista. Il politologo John Keane: in democrazia serve umiltà Alessandro Zaccuri martedì 16 marzo 2021 Secondo il filosofo «l’attuale crisi dei processi di rappresentanza può essere affrontata consolidando e moltiplicando gli organismi di controllo partecipativo, che fanno...

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18 March 2021
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‘Enter the Dragon: Decoding the New Chinese Empire’, Australian Foreign Affairs 11 (February 2021)

Decoding the new Chinese empire John Keane, Australian Foreign Affairs 11 (February 2021) When future historians look back on our discordant times, they will surely note an epochal shift of global importance: the return of China, after nearly two centuries of humiliation,...

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21 February 2021
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The Desperation of Despots – Interview with Polityka (Warsaw) 1 January 2021

Desperacja despotów Prof. John Keane, politolog, o tym, jak ustrój państwa i jakość przywódców wpływają na skuteczność walki z pandemią. JACEK ŻAKOWSKI: – Czego o naszych demokracjach dowiedzieliśmy się przez rok pandemii? JOHN KEANE: – To już rok? 7 stycznia 2020 r. Chiny...

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11 January 2021