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America, America: John Keane’s contribution to an ABC Radio National debate about the dangers of despotism in the US and its declining empire

ABC Big Ideas - The state of America, broadcasted on Tue 11 Apr 2023 at 8:00pm The rise of far-right extremism, conflicts over gun law reform, widening economic gaps, and former President Donald Trump's continued push for influence. Are polarising polemics...

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11 April 2023
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How democracies die, fast and slow

'How Democracies Die, Fast and Slow', Eurozine (Vienna), 21 February 2023 Related posts: Bloodless democracy? A response to John Keane by James Miller, Eurozine (Vienna), 28 February 2023 A Spanish translation of 'How Democracies Die, Fast and Slow' Letras libres (May 2023) Sudden death...

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21 February 2023