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Topics of Interest

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John Keane, ‘Ideology and Democracy’, in Politics and Ideology (Stockholm 2022)

[caption id="attachment_11725" align="alignleft" width="239"] Karl Marx, by Emil Dreyer, around 1900.[/caption] The subject of democracy and ideology has deep and fascinating taproots. They extend back to the late eighteenth century, when the neologism ‘ideology’ sprang to life during the bitterly fought opening...

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26 February 2022
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Thoughts on Uncertainty

Journal of Social and Political Philosophy 1.1 (2022): 1–13 DOI: 10.3366/jspp.2022.0003 © Edinburgh University Press John Keane Abstract: There is growing agreement among scholars and citizens that our planet and its peoples are presently living through an era of great political uncertainty. Global pestilence,...

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22 February 2022
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A brief history of expertise, and its growing importance for democracy, Fundacion Giner (Madrid)

10 March 2021 ‘Breve historia del conocimiento experto, y su creciente importancia para la democracia’ ‘A brief history of expertise, and its growing importance for democracy’   This is part of the online seminar "Liberal democracy/digital democracy"...

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01 December 2021