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‘Enter the Dragon: Decoding the New Chinese Empire’, Australian Foreign Affairs 11 (February 2021)

Decoding the new Chinese empire John Keane, Australian Foreign Affairs 11 (February 2021) When future historians look back on our discordant times, they will surely note an epochal shift of global importance: the return of China, after nearly two centuries of humiliation,...

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21 February 2021
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‘We fear Hong Kong will become just another Chinese city’: an interview with Martin Lee (Hong Kong 28 September 2019)

Martin Lee Chu-ming, affectionately known as the “grandfather of Hong Kong democracy”. Mick Tsikas/AAP John Keane, University of Sydney This exclusive interview with Martin Lee took place in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district last weekend. Martin Lee Chu-ming is affectionately known as the “grandfather...

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11 October 2019
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VIDEO | Western Conceptions of Politics: Four Beijing Lectures

Within public life in many Western countries, the words ‘politics’ (zhèngzhì), ‘political’ and ‘political life’ (zhèngzhì yóuxì)  are today proving to be deeply controversial. They are often reckoned to be dirty words, synonyms for corrupt government, lying politicians and unpopular...

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14 August 2018