John Keane | China’s Galaxy Empire
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China’s Galaxy Empire


China’s Galaxy Empire: Wealth, Power, War, and Peace in the New Chinese Century

Author: John Keane
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 2024
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0197629116

This thought-provoking book targets a development of enormous significance: China’s return, after two centuries of decline and subjugation, to a position of prominence in world affairs. The daring thesis is that China is a newly rising empire of a kind never before witnessed: a galaxy empire. The first to be born of the digital communications era, this young empire is economically and politically powerful, and heavily armed. Its gravitational, push-pull effects are impacting every continent–and even outer space, where China is competing with the United States, India, and Europe to become the leading power.The galaxy empire interpretation rejects clichéd misdescriptions of China as a “big power” or monolithic “autocracy”, and it explains why China defies older definitions of land, sea, and air-based empires. The book charts the developments that have made its rising empire so novel, including the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, the rapid rise of a global Chinese middle class, and internal colonialism in Tibet and Xinjiang. The book notes the protean, shapeshifting qualities of this young empire. It therefore warns against the political and military perils of simple-minded, friend-versus-enemy thinking and “Big China, Bad China” politics. But it also proffers a forewarning to China’s rulers: while every rising empire aims to shift the balance of power in its favour, no empire lasts forever, and some are stillborn, because they indulge illusions of greatness and reckless power adventures.





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