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Topics of Interest

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Video | Is Democracy Dying? – Speech to the Australian Fabians (Melbourne, August 27 2019)

Speaker: Professor John Keane, Melbourne, 27 August 2019   Reports of the death of democracy may be greatly exaggerated. However, there is mounting evidence that many people are losing trust in our democratic institutions. Today people in countries we regard as non-democratic...

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27 August 2019
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Roboter Ante Portas: Die zweite Revolution des Maschinenzeitalters – Tips fur Menschenkinder (The Second Machine Age Revolution – Tips for Human Children, published in German)

Originally published in: Lettre International (Berlin) Summer 2019 POTENTIALE DES WANDELS Unsere Welt erlebt gerade eine zweite Revolution des Maschinenzeitalters, einen ungleich globaleren und tiefgreifenderen Wandel, ausgelöst durch den Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz und „smarten“ Robotern in immer mehr Bereichen des Alltagslebens....

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27 June 2019
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VIDEO | Western Conceptions of Politics: Four Beijing Lectures

Within public life in many Western countries, the words ‘politics’ (zhèngzhì), ‘political’ and ‘political life’ (zhèngzhì yóuxì)  are today proving to be deeply controversial. They are often reckoned to be dirty words, synonyms for corrupt government, lying politicians and unpopular...

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14 August 2018