John Keane | Readers’ Comments on There is confusion in the house of Democracy
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Readers’ Comments on There is confusion in the house of Democracy

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Interview with John Keane published by the Indian Express , the 5th of March 2005

  • There is confusion in the house of democracy

By Dr.G.Srinivasan

Extolling humility as a virtue is alright but that humility of Gandhi was with him and not with the constitution in framing of which he had no part. Again Gandhi did not live in a democracy. The infusion of feudalism in india in the name of democracy had been the biggest scourge of India.Otherwise the congress party would have given ways to PMs othe rthan the ones from Nehru-Gandhi family.similalry the trend is evident in almost all walks of life the son following the father in areas where merit should have been the only criterion.We have lots of examples in politics . film industry and many other fields including medicine.This is feudalism under the garb of democracy.An unamendable constitution was put in place in India with inflexible stifling any possiblity of dynamism or growth.So corruption prevails in all democratic institutions and including judiciary which is known for its backlog.Once the common man the skeleton around whom the flesh wraps up is disillusioned the democratic fibre gives way.It is similar to osteoporosis in an old woman.with brittle bones.
In fact it is heartening to note that John Keane is talking about history of democracy.Our history of democracy is thi

India, 05-03-2005

• Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Rao, UPA tenure showed Crime-Congress Nexus

Premendra Agrawal, India, 05-03-2005

There is no stopping the slide downhill. What the final denouement might be?

THE great difficulty with politics, according to Napoleon, is that there are no established principles. Such as UPA and Left is taking advantage of this in the name of secularism , mixing political charges and criminal charges and blocking of parliament proceeding with Govt.-Governor role for murder of democracy and constitution.

Historically, it has been like the unfolding of a Shakespearean tragedy. 1. Power became an end in itself. 2. Politicians taking the help of criminals to capture power. 3. Criminals making a foray into politics. 4. The stage we are passing through, is criminalization of politics & politicisation of crime.

Sonia s Italy Andreotti and Bettino Craxi & India s UPA Crime-Politics Nexus: Is it criminalisation of politics or politicisation of criminals. Governor Syed Sibtey Razi crowned Sibu Soren as Jharkhand CM, who accepted bribery at Late Rao s tenure and now accused of riot and murder charges, Goa s Govenor Jamir s separatist history, tainted Railway Minister Lalu and others.

• House of Democracy

By Prakash Narain

John Keane treats humility the democratic virtue par excellence. He quotes Gandhiji’s example.

Richard Parker, Harvard Economist wrote the biography of John Kenneth Galbraith who was US Ambassador to India in formative years of Nehru’s rule. Parker’s “best hope is that somewhere in China or India there is a young economist who will put passion and purpose back in the dismal science (of Economics).

Dr. Klaus Schwab, President of World Economic Forum of January 2002 at Davos, Switzerland, invited spiritual leaders of six religions to solve post 9/11/01 divisiveness.

Why are the top thinkers in the West looking to India & spirituality?

Why is poor Ravinder Kaur, a teacher at IIT Delhi in her Kaun banega Indian idle, in today’s Indian Express, bemoaning the misery of 2.8 crore educated unemployed?

Why are Sonia worshippers citing 145 seats in a House of 543 in 2004 a national overwhelming mandate over Vajpayee’s 138 seats?

The common mystery in all is ignorance of our mind empowering heritage that destroys the source of problems with final solutions of the existing.