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Topics of Interest

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Media, power and decadence: some disquieting trends

By Giovanni Navarria, University of Sydney and John Keane   While Australians face the possibility of the first-ever Senate by-election, as well as stormy sittings of a new parliament wrangling over the pro and cons of scrapping a carbon tax, 16,000 kilometres away,...

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02 November 2013
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Letter from Beirut: democracy’s cross-border hope

Perhaps the only bright democratic light in this dark crisis surrounding Syria is the unexpected growth of a cross-border, large-scale and ultimately global denunciation of the follies and horror of war, writes John Keane. Does democracy have anything to do with...

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16 September 2013
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Power and Privacy in the Age of Monitory Democracy

[youtube][/youtube] In our age of monitory democracy, as Rupert Murdoch is once again learning to his cost, rascals and rogues are finding it hard to conceal from public attention their private wheeler-dealing. The latest ‘we will hit back’ revelations published by the...

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07 July 2013