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An interview with Agnes Gruda, ‘La démocratie écorchée [Democracy Tormented]’, La Presse (Montréal)

La statue du président irakien Saddam Hussein a été déboulonnée par l'armée américaine le 9 avril 2003, jour de la prise de Bagdad. «Le modèle américain de démocratisation par les armes a conduit à un désastre en Irak et en...

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28 June 2014
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Antarctica: Notes on the Fate of Sovereignty

[caption id="attachment_8881" align="alignnone" width="800"] Image: Fumarole near the base of Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica[/caption] The following field notes grapple with the problem of how to understand the emergent polity of Antarctica, and why its break with the language and...

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24 June 2014
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Concentration Camps and Democracy

Manus Island camp Refugee Action Coalition The following commentary on the Abbott government’s policy of forcibly preventing people from seeking asylum within Australia has aroused considerable controversy. Several thousand public and private comments, from a wide variety of sources, have so far...

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29 April 2014
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Power to the people?

Democracy in action? A supporter signs a mural backing WikiLeaks leaker Private Bradley Manning. Photo: Reuters POLITICS THE CONFIDENCE TRAP: A HISTORY OF DEMOCRACY IN CRISIS FROM WORLD WAR I TO THE PRESENT By David Runciman Princeton University Press, $52.95 With talk of democracy...

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17 February 2014