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Australia’s AV preference

BBC Radio 4 interviews Johan Keane about optional preferential voting system in Australia Australia is the only major democracy that uses Alternative Vote system (AV). Can the UK learn anything from Down Under? Correspondent Nick Bryant reports from Sydney on how...

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09 May 2011
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How universities learnt a lesson in humility – and are all the better for it

The ivory tower has been destroyed – metaphorically speaking. Alan Levine/flickr   Foundation Essay – Universities are still often known as ivory towers, other-worldly spaces of solitude where privileged elites known as academics seek refuge from the harsh realities of the...

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05 April 2011
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Libya, intellectuals and democracy: an open letter to Professor David Held

John Keane asks David Held to look back over events and reconsider his reactions to a dissimulator. Was this an error of theory or of practice? Hasn’t the LSE Libya affair done damage to the scholarly credibility of research programmes...

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19 March 2011