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Articles in the Press

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War Comes Home [Arabic Translation]

.حرب في قلب باريس"، عنوان خرجت به لو فيغارو على قرائها مولولة، مشاهد من ملحمة، جنود تعج بهم الشوارع، سياسيون يخطبون، صفارات إنذار تدوي من بعيد، وأناس مرعوبون دموعهم في مآقيهم." .ما إن أعلن عن حالة الطوارئ حتى اندفعت الأفكار الغريبة...

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18 November 2015
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God, the gods and democracy [part three]

The Masses, by Mexican muralist José Clemente Orozco (1935) The widespread belief that religion is plainly bad for democracy is misleading, or so the following dialogue on religion tries to illustrate, with reasons and examples. Conducted in Melbourne by the distinguished...

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10 November 2015
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A Short History of the Future of Elections

The following remarks on the future of elections sketch the ambitious scope of an exciting Sydney/Berlin research project launched last week at the the University of Sydney We live in times shaped by the conviction that periodic ‘free and fair’ elections...

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15 October 2015
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In Conversation With John Keane: Gods, Power, Democracy

By Irfan Ahmad, Institute for Religion, Politics, & Society, Australian Catholic University Publisher: Routledge Journal of Religious and Political Practice, published online: 29 Jul 2015. [caption id="attachment_9246" align="alignright" width="355"] John Keane in conversation with Irfan A hmad.[/caption] In a wide-ranging conversation with Irfan Ahmad, John...

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29 July 2015