John Keane | Global Civil Society
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Global Civil Society

In this timely book, John Keane tracks the recent development of a big idea with fresh potency – global civil society. Keane explores the contradictory forces currently nurturing or threatening its growth, and he shows how talk of global civil society implies a political vision of a less violent world, founded on legally sanctioned power-sharing arrangements among different and intermingling forms of socio-economic life. Keane’s reflections are pitted against the widespread feeling that the world is both too complex and too violent to deserve serious reflection.

Amid fears of terrorism, rising tides of xenophobia, and loose talk of ‘antiglobalisation’, John Keane mounts a defence of global civil society, stressing the need for new democratic ways of living. His book traces the historicalorigins, present-day meanings and political potential of the idea, and how it is linked with such developments as turbocapitalism, social movements and the political institutions of ‘cosmocracy’. Challenging the silence and confusion within much of contemporary literature on globalisation and global governance.

Keane’s provocative reflections draw upon a variety of scholarly sources to breathe life into contemporary political thinking, in search of new political answers to new global problems.

Global Civil Society Chapter Sampler