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The war on euphemism

  |   Invisible   |   1 Comment

This morning John Keane, a politics professor at the University of Sydney, argues that the only accurate word to describe the killing of Osama bin Laden is "assassination." Some may want to dispute his conclusion but what isn't debatable is that finding...

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Australia’s AV preference

  |   Audio, Media   |   No comment

BBC Radio 4 interviews Johan Keane about optional preferential voting system in Australia Australia is the only major democracy that uses Alternative Vote system (AV). Can the UK learn anything from Down Under? Correspondent Nick Bryant reports from Sydney on how...

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Revolution in the Arab world

  |   Articles & Essays JK, Civil Society, Democracy in the 21st Century, Media and Democracy, Notes on Democracy, Religion and Politics   |   1 Comment

Great revolutionary convulsions typically trigger long-lasting reflections on their causes and consequences. The European tradition of political thinking harbours many well-known examples, including Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790), Harold Laski’s Reflections on the Revolution of Our...

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